About Renewable Energy Partners

Renewable Energy Partners (REP) is a Minnesota for-profit company based in North Minneapolis. Founded in 2014 by Jamez Staples, a lifelong Minneapolis resident, REP is a certified Minority Business Enterprise for state and federal projects. 

REP is committed to building a skilled workforce through continuous training and certification programs. REP provides training in OSHA workplace safety standards, including the use of harnesses and fall protection requirements. REP also trains its personnel in the basics of electrical safety and fundamentals of construction, focusing on electrical energy systems. When REP staff are not on the job site, due to scheduling gaps or weather conditions, they are likely in the classroom or workshop learning new skills. 

All REP workers receive a minimum of 200 hours of on-the-job training. The company provides its workers with appropriate safety gear, clothing and basic tools. Transportation is provided in some cases directly to the job site. REP workers will arrive at the job site on-time, ready to work and equipped to handle any construction requirements. 

REP has established partnerships with a range of experienced contractors and vendors. The company is available for sub-contracting of its crews for semi-skilled work assembling and installing solar energy systems or other energy-related equipment. REP will also work with its partners to assemble a project team to provide the full range of Engineering, Procurement and Construction services from initial system design through commissioning and interconnection. 

In addition to providing flexible, high-quality construction services to its customers, REP is committed to improving the lives of families living in North Minneapolis. REP is an active partner with individuals and groups that share its vision for creating a renaissance on the Northside.